What are Premium-Rate Numbers?

Premium-rate numbers are usually phone numbers which are charged at a higher rate than normal. These types of phone number are usually used in business to provide people with a service, be it specialist or otherwise. A good service usually comes at a premium, and a premium-rate number based service enables people to make money in exchange for their services. Premium rate numbers are typically issued by a national telephone numbering plan. Premium-rate numbers are normally differentiated from normal numbers in a way that makes it less likely for the public to mistake a normal number with a premium-rate variant.

Common kinds of premium-rate number services include, but are not limited to: adult chat lines (sex), joke lines, tarot lines, as well as live person based technical support lines. Other types of premium-rate number services include: directional enquiries, competition lines, voting on TV shows and so forth.

Premium-rate numbers in the UK are allocated to service providers through PhonepayPlus. PhonepayPlus is the organization which regulates all premium-rate numbers in the UK. To find out which body regulates premium rate numbers in your country click here. The central objective of any regulatory organization is to ensure that fair-play is in order and that consumers aren't at any point being ripped-off. If a consumer feels that they are being ripped off, or are simply aware of others being ripped off, they can report this to the relevant organization, and they will look into the claim.


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