How to Make Money with an 0844 Premium Rate Telephone Number

What's an 0844 Number?

An 0844 number, as I mentioned in a previous post, is, in short, a lower-cost premium-rate telephone number. Having said that, 0844 numbers are a lot less expensive than standard premium-rate numbers to call. On the contrary, standard premium-rate numbers, that is, numbers that start with an 090 prefix, usually cost anywhere from 50 pence, right up to £1.50 per minute to call; an 0844 prefixed number costs around 10 pence per minute to call.

Taking all the above into consideration... you might then ask, how can it be possible to make any decent money if my 0844 premium-rate number is earning a mere ten pennies per minute?

It is a perfectly reasonable and fair question. A lot of people may think, "what's the point, I'm not going to waste my time and energy with this," etc. These thoughts are reasonable, but in reality, I feel that those people are genuinely missing out on the potential money making opportunity here. And I say this for two reasons:

1. 0844 numbers, unlike numbers that start with an 090 prefix, are much much cheaper to call. Consequentially, people are more inclined to pay 10p a minute instead of £1.50 per minute.

2. 0844 numbers have an established reputation as these numbers are used by government departments as well as reputable business up and down the country. Because of these associations people have become inclined to treating these numbers with less caution, thus making them more likely to call them.

On the revenue front, 10p per minute sounds like a minimalistic ammount, but with the right volume of calls, your money can really start to build up. If you've ever rung an 0844 prefixed number. The thing you'd have noticed first, was the time it took before you were actually able to speak to anyone. You would've noticed that the calling system used was all virtual, all automated. Just a pre-recorded voice along with some numbered options. You would've also noticed that you were obliged to choose at least one or two options in order to carry on with your call.

These types of virtual calling systems are useful in three ways:

1. They help 0844 premium-rate number owners to make more money

2. They assist callers in selecting specified information, by providing them with clear, numbered choices.

3. They also help 0844 premium-rate numbers owners to handle callers whom may have specific needs and requests. A virtual calling system abolishes the need for a live switch board based system.

The key to making money with 0844 numbers is caller volume. If you can acheieve a high calling volume, 0844 numbers can make you good money. On every ten pence you make per minute, you can earn 5 to 7 pence. (The actual revenue you can earn is dependent upon the revenue sharing arrangement you have agreed with your number provider)

In total, if you are able to achieve a high calling volume, your opportunity to make very good money with an 0844 is opportunity too good to miss.


0844 number redirects calls to your home telephone or any other number you give. It prevents others to locate where you live as the prefix (STD code) is not to be seen

844 number is very much helpful for your business. If you are going to start any business then it is wise to start it with 0844 number. It provides a national look to your business. Rerouting facility helps you to attend every call and if you want to change the location of your business then you don't need to change your phone number as it is a non geographical number

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