How to Make Free Phone Calls Over The Internet using Voixio - No Download Required

Voixio offers free international calls anywhere in the world via your PC.

I have noticed a website which supports free video and voice calls worldwide. You do not need any software to download. Just login and dial anywhere in the world. It's like Skype, but runs in your web browser and as long as you watch an advert the calls are free. I managed to call my mobile, home and office all for free. They quality isn't that bad, not as good an a normal telephone but just as good as Skype, and like Skype if you have a proper headset it would work even better.

What is also good about the Voixio system is it supports video, this means you can have a video chat with other Voixio users or even with 3G mobile phone users. I was unable to try either of these so cannot comment on the quality, but it seems very cool!


  • Nothing to install
  • login from any computer using a webpage and make free calls
  • No delay, echo or noise
  • Carrier-grade voice and video SIP, supporting all latest codecs and an advanced SIP feature set
  • 1 hour FREE video conferencing per day
  • 10 minutes FREE international calling per day
  • Top-up SIP and conferencing credit for just 1 cent for 5 minutes



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