Top 20 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Hacks

If you are on Facebook, these tricks may be useful.

Right now almost half of the world is on Facebook, no wonder it is the #2 ranked website in the world. I sometimes start my day off by doing a bunch of stuff on Facebook that I realize if I don’t share with my readers, how selfish of me! So today I decided to share some of the wonderful tricks and some tips of Facebook that I have discovered. If you have interesting tips/tricks related to Facebook, please feel free to share in the comment box below.

1. See all your friend’s pictures in a tiles format
Login into Facebook and in your facebook sidebar click on the my friends link you will see a drop down box next to show, now hover or rollover your mouse and then click on one of the dashed lines (–). You will see a page full of al the profile pictures of all your facebook friends. The profile photos will be shown in a tiled format. It really looks cool try it.

2. Appear Offline To Selected Friends

Appear Offline to those who are pestering you. Simply, open FB Chat and click Friend’s list, then Create a new list with whatever name you want and include all those people you don’t want to chat with in that list. Now you can appear offline to them by moving the green slider to offline whenever you come online.

3. Facebook Pirate Language

This is my favorite Facebook tip and if you are a fan of “Pirate Movies” it will become yours too. Instead of seeing “Share with friends” you can see “Blabber t’ yer mates” and other pirate words/phrases. Basically, to make Facebook communicate with you in old Pirate Language, Simple go to your Current Language Settings (located at the bottom of the page) and click the language as English (Pirate).

4. See creator’s profile

Creator in a facebook community is the first profile created in your community. Generally you can’t search for his profile. But by using this cool facebook trick you can do it, just follow some simple steps. Goto your profile page and look at your id in the url in the address bar of your web browser. The first few numbers represent your school ID, so if you change the rest of the numbers to zero and the last number to one. It will show you the first person or the first profile created from your school, college or work place. This profile is known as “Creator’s” profile. This trick is not much of use, but just in case.

5. Hide Your Online Status From Selected Friends:

So you want to use Facebook chat but don’t want some people to see your online status? Simply open up the Facebook Chat and click on Friends List. Start creating a new list called BlockList.

Once the list is created, add those friends to the list that you want to appear offline to. When the list is complete, hover your mouse to the little green icon adjacent to the list and click Go Offline. Bingo! You will now appear offline to everybody in the BlockList.

6. View a Friend’s Profile Without Messy Applications:

If you are like me, you often get annoyed by the dozens of silly applications that people have added to their profile. Here’s a Grease Monkey script that allows you to view any profile without all those applications. Remember: the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a prerequisite for running Greasemonkey.

7. Display Your Facebook Status On Your Wordpress Blog:

Want to display your Facebook status updates on your Wordpress blog? There is a plugin that does exactly that. StatusPress lets you display your status updates to a widget on your Wordpress blog.

8. Give wooden look to facebook

This greasemonkey javascript will give your facebook pages an antiquated and wooden look. So, don’t just get stick to old boring design, keep trying out new ones. Facebook wooden look

9. Automatic Facebook login

Aren’t you fed up of keep on logging into facebook everytime you want to check new messages. This cool greasemonkey javascript will keep you logged into facebook as long as the password is stored in your firefox web browser. Automatic facebook login

10. Remove annoying Facebook applications

Clean out all those annoying applications people add. This javascript will remove all those crappy applications from any facebook profile you are viewing. The profile were never so cleaner before ;) Facebook applications cleaner
So, that’s all with facebook tips and tricks for today, just stay tuned, you will see many more tricks and hacks shortly.

11. Download Videos From Facebook

There are so many times that you see these awesome videos on Facebook and just wish you could download them to your computer. Well to do this first you must copy the video’s link and then go to.

12. Tweet on your Facebook Status

Most members of Facebook will tell you that they have a Twitter account. So if you are a Facebook Freak and a Twitter addict then you can update both at once using the . Stay on your Twitter page and whenever you want to send the tweet simultaneously to Facebook, just add #fb to your tweet and it will get posted on Facebook.

13. How To Download Facebook Photo Albums:

Ever felt the need to download complete photo albums from Facebook. You can easily do it with either a Windows desktop application named FotoBounce or a great Firefox add-on FacePad.

14. Automatically Poke Friends That Poke You:

Don’t have enough time to poke back friends who poke you on Facebook? Automate it with a Grease Monkey script called Facebook Autopoke.

15. Search Facebook Like A Pro:

Not everybody knows how powerful Facebook search is. Similar to any large search engine, Facebook search has a lot of advanced options to help you search like a pro. For example if you are looking for a person named John Marsh and filter your results down to only people who are married, you can try name: John Marsh status:married. A complete list of search tips for Facebook can be found here.

16. Import Facebook Friends To Twitter:

FB140 is a simple tool that lets you find all your Facebook friends that are using Twitter so you can easily follow them.

17. Display Your Facebook Status Upside Down:

This is a cool and fun trick. To display upside down status updates, simply head over to FlipText and type in your status. Then simply click on Flip Text and copy-paste the upside down text into your Facebook status box.

18. Update Facebook Status Using Twitter:

Wouldn’t you love to update your status on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Just install the Twitter application for Facebook. Once synced, your tweets including the #fb tag would automatically be posted as status updates on your Facebook.

19. How To Insert Cool Symbols In Your Status Updates:

Make your status updates interesting by inserting cool symbols. Simply copying them from this list and pasting in your status updates.

20. Magic Circles On Facebook:

You might have heard about the Konami code that makes red blurry circles on your Facebook page. This might be one of the most popular Facebook hidden tricks. Here’s how to do it:

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down & Magic circles will appear!

To stop them simply reload your page.

If you know any others interesting tips/tricks related to Facebook, please feel free to share in the comment box below.


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