How to Generate Ideas for a Premium-Rate Number Service - Part 2

In this post I will try to give you some tips on how to generate ideas for your premium rate number service. Now before we move on we're going to revisit an important question that I had asked you earlier:

what type of service are you going to offer people?

Brainstorm this question, and write down every sort of service that springs to mind, every sort of service that you could offer people via a premium-rate number. It doesn't matter how ridiculous or stupid your ideas may sound and seem, get them down!

If you're having trouble, you may want to add some of the following ideas to your brainstorm: you may want to set-up a premium-rate number based advice line, which offers people technical support and guidance on a subject you may have some knowledge on. You might want to set-up a premium-rate number service that helps ordinary people with general problems; problems in the family; problems at the work place; problems with a partner, etc. You might want to set-up a premium-rate number service that provides video-gamers tips on the latest video games in the industry. You might want to set-up a premium-rate number service which gives people tips and advice on how to score with the opposite sex. You might want to set-up a premium-rate based joke line, where you give people great innovative jokes. You could set-up a horse racing or even an adult chat line.

It's also important to think big. Think of "Bid Tv" and other massive operators whom make very large sums of money with premium-rate numbers. In the case of Bid Tv, every potential bidder has to call the show in order to place a bid for the item on screen. The number they have to call is a premium-rate number, so you can just imagine how much money they are making. Of course, not everyone is expected to have their own tv channel, but the Bid Tv' example does indicate what can be acheived with some a little immagination, careful thought and planning. It was the first premium-rate auction channel of it's kind, and it's been a tremendous success. What's to stop you from being the next big thing...

Once you have generated a decent number of ideas, narrow these ideas down. Measure how realistic these ideas are. Can you afford to financially support any of your ideas? Does your idea have a real chance of succeeding? Are your ideas genuinely beneficial to others? Do your ideas have a realisitic chance of making good money. Is their a genuine market for your ideas? How long do you reckon it will take for your idea to be a success. What does success mean to you?

Using the questions above to scrutinize your ideas is crucial to carving out credible ideas. This is type of brainstorming/scrutinisation process is a necessity and beneficial in all areas of business.

Please read my post on the short philosophy of how to advertise your service.


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