0800 Number - 0800 Numbers - Explained

Freephone 0800 numbers are the focus, and in this article I will present you with some unbiased information about these numbers. And I, in so doing, rather than give you a history about these numbers, will focus on the F.A.Q's (frequently asked questions) that many people ask when they want to know more about them.

What are the benefits to owning an 0800 number?

The main benefit of having an 0800-number is that they're free for the public to call you on. Not only does this dramatically increase the number of calls you will receive, it also, to a certain extent, convinces the public that you are both credible and trustworthy. Indeed, these free phone-numbers generate more trust, more credibility, more interest and ultimately more sales.

So how do these 0800-numbers work then?

It's all quite simple really, your freephone 0800-number will be directed to your land line or mobile phone number of your choice. Your customers will have no idea that their call is being diverted. This means that the calling process for the customer is seamless, smooth and hassle free. By the way, you can also change, at any time, the number you want your 0800-number to point to.

How long will it take to get my number up and running?

This all depends on the vendor you've purchased your 0800-number from. This process should normally take no more than a day to complete.

And how much will my 0800-number cost to operate?

This all depends on the 0800-number vendor you choose to do business. My advice is to look at the different sites for the best rate. Personally, I wouldn't pay no more than a fiver for the setup fees. And if my calls were being directed to my land line I'd expect to pay no more than 5 pence per minute. Mobile pence per minute charges vary. Again, you'll need to compare and contrast rates offered by the various online vendors.

How may I monitor the calls that I receive?

This will depend on the service being sold to you by the 0800-number vendor. Some will provide you with an itemised bill, while others will provide you with an online account to monitor what's going on.

So why should I buy an 0800 number?

Put simply, an 0800-number will substantially increase the number of calls you receive, it also presents your business in a classy, presentable and trustworthy way. Moreover, these free-phone-numbers generate more trust, more credibility, more interest and ultimately more sales.


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