Firefox 5.0.1 Free Download – The latest version

* Updated : Firefox 5.0.1 is now officially released on 21st June, 2011. All the links have been updated with free download links of Mozilla Firefox. You might have heard news about mozilla firefox 5 as it is about to be released officially on 21 June but if you want to download the release version prior to the official schedule, you can do so via the link we provide here to you. The version I am talking about is Firefox 5 release version and not beta or alpha version. The only thing here is that it has not been made officially available for download. There is little to no chance of any bug in this version as you can consider it the release version. If you don’t want to wait for official “Firefox 5 Released” word from Mozilla foundation and want to get taste of the new and the latest firefox 5.0.1, then download from here.
firefox 5 free download Firefox 5.0.1 Free Download   The latest version

Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 Free Download Latest Version from Here

Note: To download the latest version, just visit the main page of this website i.e. Mozilla Firefox Latest Version
For Linux and Mac OS x, just go to home i.e. Mozilla Firefox Free Download
The link above to download is not a FTP link as ftp link has been replaced with HTTP when firefox 5 is officially announced.
Note: When Firefox 5 will be officially released by Mozilla, we will update the link with the officially and publicly available mozilla firefox 5 free download links. SO keep watching this page!

What’s New in Firefox 5 ?

  • Several improvements in terms of rendering quality and operating performance including minor and major tweaks as always.
  • CSS animations support added
  • Enhanced support and performance improvement for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, canvas, javascript.
  • Do not Track header preference has been shifted to a better discoverable position.
TO download firefox 5  in other languages or for various operating systems linke windows xp, windows 7, windows vista, linux, mac – visit homepage i.e. Mozilla Firefox 5 free download page.



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