What is Software Development Process/ Life Cycle?

System Development
                   System is the computerized solution for a set of Problem of an organization or a group of persons.
          Its development is divided mainly into four phases;
A. Analysis
B. Design
C. Coding
D. Testing & Maintenance   
(A) Analysis
                   This is the first Phase in which following major tasks are done.
1. Meeting with Client.
2. Finding all existing problems.
3. Selecting subset of problem that can be solved through computer.
(B) Design Phase
                   In this phase we deal with following Task are performed here;
1. Designing of Algorithms and flow Charts.
2. Determination of inputs, procedures, filing method and outputs.
(C) Coding
                   It is simply the typing of source program in a Selected IDE.
(D) Testing & Maintenance
                   In testing we check for verification and validation of program. Verification is the functionality check whether the program is running or not validation is the achievement of desired level of accuracy and precision. In Maintenance we perform following tasks;
1. Delivery of system to client.
2. Software/Hardware Changes are made.
3. Training of end users.
4. Away of doing a tasks.


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