What is Networking & Topology and Types of Networking & Topology?


          The Interconnection of Hardware resources to Share resources.
        The art of Physical Connection of Computers to form a Network.
            A Physical Device or Computer on a Network.
        A Computer that services its resources and Application.
        A Computer or Node that request for the Services.
Types of Topology
1.     Bus Topology
2.     Star Topology
3.     Ring Topology
Bus Topology
In Bus on all the Node are connected to the main Bus (Group of Wire)
at ends High Value residences are connected to signal lows.
          The Communication in the Bus Topology is slow due to a single port. At a time only two Node can either Transfer or received data. No either Transmition can take Place during a Communication Return two Nodes.
1.     Easy to build.
2. Suitable for work group.
3. Low building cost.
1. It is very slow Topology for Network Communication.
2. If a main Bus is Broken or a Node Expire, the whole Network Collapse.
3. To add new node, the network has to be stop.
Types of Network
The Network is categorized basically into 4 types.
1. Local Area Network (LAN)
2. Wild Area Network (WAN)
3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
4. Global Area Network (GAP)
(1) Local Area Network (LAN)
          It is a Network that is confine within geographical area of one squire Kilometer.
A Computer Network in a building or group of building extra
It is the faster Communication Network that is owned by a person or a group of person.
          It is easy to minuteness and incorporate few Networking devices.
(2) Wild Area Network (WAN)
          This Network is extended geographically ever more than 1KM distance. It can cover many buildings and mach area of the city It user both Networking and internetworking devices. It can’t be Owen by a person it is 10 time Slower than Local Area Network. Many Protocols are used and so the gateway is used to form Wild Area Network.
(3) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
          This Network is extended across entire city. It is much bigger than WAN and it used Telephone line as well and Telephone exchange service for building communication link.
(4) Global Area Network (GAP)
          This Network is extended across the entire global and it covered all sold devices, topology, Links and services to from global Area Network. There much is single topology so that information can uniformally be exchange ever the world.
          Internet uses
          Transportation control protocol /Internet Protocol (TCO/IP).


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