What is Computer Hardware, Software, Operating System, Compiler & Interpreter, Linker, Source Program and Input Devices?

(1) It is the Physical Components of a Computer System.
(2) Hardware is Manufactured.
(3) It is Physical in Nature.
(4) Duplication from the Original is Not Possible.  
(1) It is the very large Computer           Program or It is a set of many Programs.
(2) It is Developed.
(3) It is Non Physical in Nature.
(4) Duplication from the Original is Possible.

Operating System
                   Software used to manage Hardware and software Resources.
Compiler & Interpreter
               It is the software that Translate high-level language into low-level language.
               It is software that is used to attach Pre-Defined Translated Code in a Program to Produced Executables file.
Source Program
               The Code we Type in a Computer Language Program is called Source Program.
                   High Level Language Code we Type in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Input Device
Device that are used to take data Input into the Computer Memory. Example Key Board, Mouse, Toy Stick, Scanner Light Pen Exc.
                   It is a small Assembly which keep Two, Three button and a Digital Circuitry to Navigate. Pointer over the Screen Area.
          Some Mouse Keep is Roiling Mechanism to Navigate Cursor while same keep Optical Mechanism.
          When the Mouse button is pressed a signal is sent to the Computer for the Corresponding Screen Position. The Mouse is accepted by the Computer and the Application to do Corresponding Action.
Mouse Clicking Types
(I) Left Click
(II) Right Click
(III) Double Click
(I) Left Click
          Pressing of Left Mouse button is called Left Click.
(II) Right Click
          Pressing of Right Mouse button is called Right Click.
(III) Double Click
          The Pressing of Left Mouse Button Twice is a Rapid Succession.   
                   It is an assembly that continues Number Button (Key) corresponding to Different types of data and action input into the memory of a Computer.
          Key are Grouped together in a special manner and their Grouping are as follow. 
1. Character Key Pad (A to Z, a to z, Symbol)
2. Numeric Key Pad (0 to 9)
3. Functions Key Pad (F1 to F12)
4. Screen Navigate Key Pad
5. Special Function Key Pad (Tab, Ctrl, Alt)
When a key is pressed it is Corresponding ASCII Code is send in a Memory Buffer than the contents of Buffer is sent to R.A.M.


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