Complete Data Wipe 2.5.0 Full Version Free Download

Complete Data Wipe 2.5.0

Since we have our complete data stored on our personal computer it is important to save all those things even when we sell the computer. One of the software solutions for removing complete data and folders from your computer is Complete Data Wipe. All the files that you do not need any longer can be deleted and removed completely from your system and there will be no chance that anyone can retrieve it with any software solution available on the market.
This application is similar to file shredder that many people have in their office and use them to get rid of various files. With Complete Data Wipe you will be able to delete files, folders, whole partitions, online and offline activities, cookies, URL lists, unused disk space, subfolders and much more.
Another great feature is that this program will remove all passwords from all drives and this way you will be getting much higher level of security and data protection. This sensitive issue deserves only the highest quality application and this is one of those.
This program means power and efficacy in deleting or cleaning the sensitive or unwanted data files permanently (using highly sophisticated wiping algorithms for total data deletion) so that there’s no risk in having some recovery tool recuperate and expose your information again without your knowledge or consent.
Overall, here we have one of the greatest solutions for data security and deleting data from folders and partitions. All your sensitive data that you have stored on your computer during the work can be restored even if you have deleted it. Complete Data Wipe provides the tools that will be of great use.

Size: ~ 7 MB



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