AKVIS Decorator 3.0.558.8668-r Full Versoin Free Download

AKVIS Decorator 3.0.558.8668

Main purpose of AKVIS Decorator is to enable you to create some really nice and different images. This is done with various tools that will allow you to apply new patterns on a object that is in the picture. This way you will be able to change the looks of a car, furniture, suit, dress and many other various objects.
AKVIS Decorator can be downloaded from digzip for free.
If you ever wondered how would your car look in case they are in different color than this is the nice program to try it out. Also you can apply various patterns and create some nice and funny looking images that you can share and have fun with your friends.
Another cool implementation of this software product can be made using the picture of an girl that wears a dress or something similar. You will be able to apply effects and textures that will deliver different patterns to the dress.
On every object you can apply several built-in patterns, from food to natural elements, from fabrics to stones and metal. Unlike the “bucket-fill” feature in many photo editors, the plug-in follows the underlying features of the object, the texture that already exists, and makes the new color or texture look natural. Applying a snake scale to a car’s surface can be fun, but of more practical use is to apply AKVIS Decorator for design purposes.



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