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Download Fifa 12 Full Free for PC
EA Sports is back with a new game in the Fifa series, Fifa 12 or Fifa 2012. Get the full version of this game free from the link given at the end of this page. The game is also available for all the consoles and the Windows PC version here for download. EA have come up with some revolutionary changes in the series specifically in the gameplay part. EA have also told that Fifa 12′s engine will be the same as that of its console counterparts.
If you are a fan of the series then you will see the slightest of changes that have been made to the game from the previous version. But the changes that have been introduced in this year’s Fifa are not minor but some great and major ones. These new changes make the game more intriguing and tactical. Fifa 12 instead building on the things that were good in Fifa 11 has taken a different path and the result s great. In some cases the changes that have been implemented are such that you will never have thought of. The gameplay is fluid and the animations as always are good. The changes in Fifa 12 will force you take a different approach to the gameplay you are used to in the Fifa series. This is total new game of Fifa and a good one. Keep reading or skip to the end to Download Fifa 12 Full Version PC Game Full Free.
Fifa 12′s look hasn’t changed much to notice. The presentation to look similar to a TV broadcast is added apart from that it looks same. The game has better lighting this time and physical appearance and faces of the players have been improved as done every year to match their real counterparts. For anyone looking at the game will feel like it’s the same as before but for the player playing the game will feel the significant changes incorporated in the new game. Camera angle has changed a little being more close to the pitch. The sprint speed in the game has been reduced but not so much that it will affect your gameplay and feels real. Skip to the end of the article to Download Fifa 12 Full Free.
The game has some new physics based collisions and they are simply great. No longer will you see the same animations all the time when you do a standing or sliding tackle. As the game is featuring the new physics system they will always be different and depend upon how the collision of players occurs and their direction during that event. You will see that this also affects the attacking movement of the players as in when you are dribbling and a defender comes across you with a shoulder-to-shoulder resistance your player will twist and you will go off course. Also tackles can miss the ball but they might catch your legs and affect your dribbling sending you tumbling down or down the wrong path. This new physics engine is a great addition and the positives outweigh the negatives of the system. The link given at the bottom of the page will let you Download Fifa 12 Full Free.
The tackling system has also been changed. In earlier games you just had to press and hold a certain button and your player will scramble across the pitch to catch up with the ball and do the necessary things to get the ball. This time it’s not possible. Now if you hold the key the player will just get close to the ball but never tackle that part is up to you and you need to tackle at the perfect time. So manual tackling is the way to go in Fifa 12. This new tactic for defending will show you how much easier it was before. There are many more changes that will make life difficult if you are used to the old gameplay but once you learn it, get ready for a more satisfying experience.
Fifa 11 was one of the best games for soccer and we thought nothing much will change after that but EA Sports have come up with changes that were not even in our minds. Fifa 12 is not just an update to the previous game but a totally new one this time. Better physics, better tackling, better attacking, better movements and better tactics and gameplay is what makes this years a game the best in the series so far and even the best soccer game altogether we just have to wait and see what Konami comes up with in their Pro Evolution Soccer 12 game. If you like soccer then do not miss this game, you will love it. Following link will let you Download Fifa 12 Full Free.



tank you for the link . the download are still working fine

tank you for the link . the download are still working fine

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