Free Check PAGE RANK of Web site pages Instantly

In order to check pagerank of a single web site, web page or domain name, please submit the URL of that web site, web page or domain name to the form below and click "Check PR" button.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service
What for do you need those PagePank Buttons?
There might be many reasons to use PR button, some of them are the following:
1. PRChecker provides very cute small PR buttons, such as
Smaller Button (70 x 20 px) - a nice small button
Blog Style Button (80 x 15) - it's perfect for blogs
Larger Button (88 x 31 px) - a standard button size
2. Show your visitors the current page rank of your web pages
3. Check the page rank of your web pages while visiting your site
4. It can help with SEO, link exchange, site promotion matters
5. Impress your visitors with the high page ranking of your site
n. and many more possible reasons.. Or use it just for fun


Thanks for the tips. I’m going to look at the sites you suggested. I

am also interested to know of any other websites similar to these that

can get you indexed quickly. Does anyone else know of


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